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R&M Global Project Management

Global Project Management

R&M is a one-stop-shop for multidisciplinary project management services, with broad expertise on the fields of technology and logistics


We make your life


R&M can lead, manage and implement your project
efficiently and successfully, 
making it a seamless process
for you and your business.

Project Management

Founded in 2010 by Ronen Rasin and Aviv Mustaky. exceptionally tech-savvy and experienced project managers, R&M is based in Tel Aviv, lsrael.

The company was established with one main goal in mind:

To make multi-disciplinary projects seamless and easy to handle for the client, by facilitating all the necessary processes and providing professional support throughout the way.

At R&M, we pride ourselves in our capability to understand each client‘s requirements and provide the most fitting solution for every specific Project.

We are ready to face any challenge, and are willing and able to work anywhere around the world.

International Network

R&M has built a broad international network of projects management and logistics professionals and companies, which work in collaboration with us in order to provide the best possible service, in a quick, efficient and professional way.

Dedicated Expert Team

At R&M, we handpick the best fitting team members for each project, in accordance to the scope, timeline and field of expertise needed, never compromising on quality, professionalism and work ethics. All teams are closely led by R&M experts who oversee the development of every project and ensure a successful completion.

R&M - Global Project Management

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Our Services
Our Services

R&M's highly experienced and skilled team provides professional services in the following fields:

  • Multidisciplinary project management

  • IT project management

  •  Logistics project management

  • Supply chain project management

  • international project management

  • lT team management

  • Project management consultancy

Our Projects
Our projects

Some of R&M's latest projects include:

Production line management
R&M led the process of opening new production lines for the customized manufacturing of technological devices, including tablets, Smartphones and computers (in China).

Contact us to learn more

New branch establishment
R&M planned, managed and executed the establishment of a new branch for a leading Israeli IT company oversees; the project included setting up all the technological 
infrastructure, recruiting a local expert team and
ensuring a smooth start for the newly opened branch.

Contact us to learn more

R&M is currently leading numerous prototyping projects, which will turn brilliant ideas into advanced technology-based products in a variety of fields, including electronics, technology gadgets and more.

Contact us to learn more



Join our ever-growing network

R&M is always searching for brilliant, open-minded and experienced project managers throughout Israel and Europe to work with us in exciting and challenging projects in a variety of fields.

Relevant candidates, please submit your CV and recommendations to:

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